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Choosing the right studio for you and your family photography

Posted by Emotion Studios Ltd on

With so many registered photographers across the West Midlands let alon the country, the list of studios to choose from can be overwhelming. Finding a studio thats right for the family or baby photography you want could be tricky. Fear not though - we have some advice concerning the things you need think about: important factors that will give you the confidence to make the right decisions.

Quality: With so much choice around it’s a mistake to think of all portrait photography studios as the same and then shop around on price. The quality of the images let alone the experience and products each offer can vary so much. It’s important to remember that your photographs are an investment so study portfolios of the different studios and think about what moves you the most? Which studio is the most innovative or shows the best craftsmanship in terms of light and composition? Or perhaps getting the best expression and emotion from the sitter is the most important aspect for you?

Sales Attitude: Many studios have built a bad reputation for themselves by pressure selling to customers. If a studio is open about their pricing then that’s usually a good sign that the viewing and ordering of your images will be done in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We like our customers to have a good idea of the products and options before seeing the images.

Studio Location and Facilities: Some studios invest in state of the art facilities, whilst others operate from a multi use spare room or garage at home. Checking the location of a studio as well as parking and reception options will really help your experience on the day. Checking the studio has public liability insurance might be a good idea too.

Customer service: This is so important as it can effect not just the photo shoot but the entire process right down to how you view your final product. Check reviews and what the studios reputation for service is like.

Product quality: If not available online, ask to see samples of canvases, frames and albums when you visit the studio for the shoot or viewing. Usually a studio will be proud to show offthe high quality of the manufacturing and printing processes of products.

The Photographer: If their portfolio is great who cares Right?! The photographer might be an amazing fashion photographer but if they are only used to dealing with catwalk models then they might not be the best choice for your toddlers! Family photography can often be about drawing those amazing images out through patience and people skills. Coaxing smiles from tired children or teenagers is an art in itself. Study a photographers portfolio and check the variety of families and children featured and the photographer booked for your session took them. Often high street photographic chains supply their branches with display photographs taken in other parts of the country.

Price. The price of the shoot and products are obviously an important factor to take into account. But ensure that price is considered alongside the factors in this list. Make sure you check both the shoot or session price plus that of additional images and products.